About the foundation

Our goals are:
  • Contribute to Christian-centered, human-oriented medical education and health promotion.
  • Serve society with Christian-centered service.
  • Transmit a quality, comprehensive, integrative, human-centered medical approach.
  • Engage in activities that support the mental health of doctors and healthcare workers and help maintain their motivation.
  • Continuously seek deficiencies in healthcare and explore solutions to these issues.
  • Ensure interdisciplinary education and development.
  • Bridge-building between generations of doctors and medical students.

The Foundation Board members

Szabó Mónika

MD, PhD, internist, chief diabetologist, founding member, chairman of the foundation board

Vicsi Ildikó

MD, chief endocrinologist, vice chairman of the foundation board

Bartha Éva

PhD candidate, clinical psychologist, member

Belényesi Gabriella

Social Pedagogue, Member

Czink Gergő

Medical student, UMFST, president, MMDSZ, member

Germán-Salló Márta

MD, PhD, internist, chief cardiologist, UMFST, founding member

Kelemen Piroska

MD, PhD, chief internist, UMFST, member

Marton László

PhD candidate, resident diabetologist, UMFST, member

Pál Ágnes

Neurologist Resident Physician, Member

Szatmári Szabolcs

MD, PhD, associate professor, chief neurologist, UMFST, founding member

Száva Hunor

Dentist, Member

Zalányi Erzsébet

Educator, Member

The foundation's employees

Bálint-Fülöp Timea

project manager

Szakács Zsuzsánna

office manager

The founding members of the foundation

Germán-Salló Márta

Jeremiás István Béla

Madaras Sándor

Salat Csaba

Szabó Mónika

Szatmári Mária

Szatmári Szabolcs