Saint Blaise Foundation was founded in 1991 by young doctors to create a supportive medium for their work.

The founding members are:

  • Szatmári Mária
  • Szabó Mónika
  • Szatmári Szabolcs
  • Madaras Sándor
  • Jeremiás István Béla
  • Salat Csaba
  • German Salló Márta

The leading members are:

  • Szabó Mónika – president
  • Vicsi Ildikó – vice president
  • Bartha Éva
  • Belényesi Gabriella
  • German Salló Márta
  • Kelemen Piroska
  • Marton László
  • Mihály István
  • Szatmári Szabolcs
  • Száva Hunor
  • Zalányi Erzsébet

Our objectives are: to provide current medical information; professional training for doctors, resident doctors, students; promoting volunteering; promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle.

The members of our team are: doctors, resident doctors, students, psychologists and lectors.

Among our main activities are:

  • Voluntary Nursing Program
  • Prevention Programs
  • Medical Evenings
  • Conferences


How can you help?

  1. With your opinion, observations, suggestions, questions
  2. With your voluntary service
  3. Giving a lecture
  4. With your prayers
  5. With financial support

Bank Account Number:

RO62RNCB0188034965590001    RON

RO78RNCB0188034965590004    EUR


Contact us!

Facebook page:

Youtube page:

Phone: 0739563827 (between 10-16)